• Shams Alislam


    Sources: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait

    Shams Al-Islam broadcasts its rays of light into the sky of knowledge, presenting Islamic knowledge to both Muslims who seek to learn about their religion, and non-Muslims looking for the truth of Islam. With us, your time is invested with the light of Islam & Iman. The radio broadcasts an interpretation of some Quranic verses and a reading of the book: A Beneficial Summary of Rulings for New Muslim”.

  • SONAN Appliction



    This is the first electronic project of its kind, that focuses on presenting the daily practical traditions and supplications of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), addressing audience speaking in the world’s most widely spoken languages, in the form of text, images, audio content, notifications, along with many other valuable features.

  • Khatma App - keeps you close to the noble Quran, remind you to read your Werd after Salah, including Tafasir and recitations.

  • Masahif App


    "Masahif provides recitations for the holy Quran by many of the well known reciters world wide, it also provides translarted recitations in many languages (English, French, Urdu and more). Recitations can be downloaded for offline usage as well as direct streaming through internet."

  • No one can deny that Islam is very much in the spotlight today. In spite of extremely negative portrayals by Western media (or perhaps because of them), increasing numbers of people are seeking to find out more about it. And more often than not, they are being pleasantly surprised by the fruits of their research. In fact, more people are embracing Islam today than they did prior to September 11, 2001. However, there does remain a great deal of misconception and misunderstanding on the subject, frequently fuelled by political policies which deem it in their interest to support Islam’s enemies. In addition, Muslims themselves, at first shocked and confused by the events of recent years, did not really know how to respond to the challenge. Now they have been rudely awakened to the urgency of refuting the many false claims and accusations being spread against their way of life and of defending the truth, and accordingly, the rights and honour of Muslims everywhere on earth.

  • Quran Hidayah


    Quran Hidayah International Network The Largest Tv To Broadcast The Noble Quran WorldWide 40 Tv Channels, 6 Satellites, 30 Languages

  • Hajj Mabror


    Hajj Mabror is an application that discusses hajj and Omra jurisprudence, rules, and etiquette in a new beautiful style using text, images, videos, and maps.

  • With the Name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Most Merciful Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him said in a Hadith - (meaning) "Convey from me even if it is a single verse". Dear Brother we put between your hands this application to contribute together in introducing Islam and disseminate the correct understanding of Islam in more than seventy languages around the world with English language interface, by 1- Selecting the language 2- Then the subject 3- Then send links for written materials, audios and videos,which have been carefully selected.